Conexiones: Building Connections Through Shared Heritage

Conexiones: Building Connections Through Shared Heritage

The Conexiones initiative is a signature program by Equis designed to deepen connections among leaders of Mexican and Mexican-American descent with their heritage and each other. We believe that feeling connected to one's country of origin as a Latino is a profoundly enriching experience. As a community, we deserve to feel connected to the places, people, and ideas that continue to shape our stories.

Since 2021 through delegations to Mexico City and experiences in the United States, we have engaged leaders across various industries—including business, media, entertainment, and philanthropy—to explore ways to transform narratives concerning the U.S.-Mexico relationship and the Mexican and Mexican-American community in the U.S.

A Closer Look: Conexiones Delegation 2024

This year, Equis collaborated with Latina icon Eva Longoria for an experience designed to connect diaspora leaders with their country of origin or heritage and with each other, educate leaders on the importance of the relationship between the United States and Mexico, and build lasting communities among leaders. The experience aimed to showcase and celebrate Eva’s connection to Mexico City and the key places, people, and sites that she believes are crucial to understanding the city and the country.

Under Eva's warm leadership, the delegation explored iconic venues and engaged in meaningful discussions that highlighted the deep historical and cultural connections between the U.S. and Mexico. Highlights included a welcome reception at the Museo Nacional de Antropología, where Eva emphasized the legacy of scientific and artistic achievements inherent in Mexican history and US Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar joined the delegation to highlight the special relationship between the two countries. The weekend also offered curated culinary and cultural experiences including a private tour of Museo Jumex’s Damien Hirst exhibit, a historic traverse of the Xochimilco Canals, and an intimate visit to Casa Estudio Barragan.

"The conversations were open and insightful. I was able to learn about the complex relationship between Mexico and America and how important they are to each other" - Jessica Marie Garcia

What's Next: Sustained Engagement & Future Impact

The itinerary not only offered a platform for fostering new narratives but also deepened personal and professional bonds among participants, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of their shared heritage. But most importantly we don’t believe that trips stop once delegation members return home. Equis continues to support the Conexiones community and the trips like the April delegation have not only inspired new creative projects and endeavors, but new ways of thinking about our connection to the incredible place where our stories as Mexicans and Mexican-Americans begin.

In their words: Conexiones' Impact & Testimonials

Participants leave enriched with not only personal growth but also actionable ideas and connections that fuel their future endeavors in various creative and leadership roles. Here’s what they said: 

“Trip was life changing. Made me even more hungry for my culture” - Jessica Marie Garcia 

“I feel that I just started to scratch the surface of what is possible and would love to continue digging deeper. As someone who has worked internationally in film/tv I feel as though there are more stones to turn over. I would love to join again.” - Pete Corona

“I have a better understanding of the need for people on both sides of the border to build strong relationships because the US/Mexico relationship is codependent,  whether either country likes it or not.” - Brandon Guzman

“I learned that the need for more Mexican nationals in the states could influence a better perspective to the Mexican people and teach the people from the states how together we are stronger.” -  Bobby Soto

“I loved reconnecting with my culture in such a meaningful way from place to place and shared experiences. We all have such similar stories” - Jen Cervantes 

“The conversations were open and insightful. I was able to learn about the complex relationship between Mexico and America and how important they are to each other” - Jessica Marie Garcia 

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