Somos Votantes, Equis Labs, and Winning Jobs Narrative Economic Messaging Briefing

Jul 22nd, 2022 Donec Quisque id

There are differences between English and Spanish-dominant Latinos in terms of their familiarity with misinformation narratives.

English-dominant much more likely to be familiar with both TrumpRussia collusion and Trump’s Big Lie.

Among Spanish-dominant, one narrative sticks out as betterknown: Biden as a socialist close to Latin American leftists.

Online survey of 2400 Hispanic adults, conducted January 25-February 2 by Equis Research, in conjunction with Searchlight Research

The survey was made available in both English and Spanish, and 19% of respondents chose to complete the survey in Spanish.

Quotas were assigned to reflect the adult Hispanic population nationwide. The data were weighted by education, geography, gender, country of origin, country of birth, age, and party identification to ensure an accurate reflection of the population.

Each respondent randomly received 8 misinformation narratives (2 each from sections on COVID, right-wing, left-wing, non-partisan false), plus 4 non-partisan true statements and 1 placebo.