The Role of Trusted Messengers in Countering Disinformation

Oct 6th, 2022

To shed light on the efficacy of three messenger personas in shaping reactions to false narratives, Equis conducted a panel test of 5,516 Latino adults in the United States in partnership with Civis Analytics.

Poll: Latino Misinformation - Exposure and Risk

Jun 17th, 2022

A national survey of 2,400 Hispanic adults conducted from January 24 to February 2, 2022.

2020 Post-Mortem: Part Two

Dec 14th, 2021

The American dream voter

2020 Post-Mortem: Part One

Aug 1st, 2021

Portrait of a persuadable Latino

Latina Voters In 2020

Nov 1st, 2020

Key learnings show a massive gender gap between Latino men and Latina women. Latina women of all ages express high support at the Presidential level.

EQUIS + PFAW Vote Simulations

Sep 21st, 2020

Benchmarking where and when the Latino vote could be pivotal in this election

May 2020 State Tracking Study

May 20th, 2020

EquisResearch fielded a hybrid SMS/phone survey in 11 states (April 20-May 6, 2020), including, for the first time, Pennsylvania.

November 2019 Tracker

Nov 1st, 2019

Trump’s character is an issue. Latino voters across the board signal they are most concerned about his moral character and stance on immigration.

October 2019 Tracker

Oct 1st, 2019

In this tracker, Latino support for Trump wanes as Hispanics from across all surveyed states say discrimination has gotten worse under the administration. Latinas continue to lead.

Research Overview

Jul 18th, 2019

Progressives cannot win without maximizing Latinx turnout and support. The community is not a monolith; understanding the nuance amongst distinct groups could make all the difference.

Equis Research Baseline Deck

Jul 8th, 2019

8,100 registered Hispanic voters were interviewed across 11 battleground states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin) from July 8-29, 2019.


Equis 2022 Fall Election Memo

Sep 19th, 2022

Equis 2022 Fall Election Memo


Equis Research 2022 Post Mortem

Jun 15th, 2023

A high-level analysis of Latino voter trends in the 2022 election. Many narratives — some more substantiated than others — contributed to a sense of uncertainty around Latino voting in the lead-up to the midterms. But what factors ended up shaping the final results, and what do they portend for 2024?

Latino Data Revisited: Digital Edition

Sep 8th, 2022

Latino Data Revisited: Digital Edition


Equis Colorado Baseline Survey Crosstabs

Oct 6th, 2022

learn-more Equis

Toplines: Equis Colorado Baseline Poll

Sep 27th, 2022

learn-more Equis


Start Here: Key Equis Resources for 2022

Oct 5th, 2022

Key Equis Resources for 2022

Equis 2022 Fall Election Memo

Sep 19th, 2022

Equis 2022 Fall Election Memo

Equis Key States Series: Immigration Memo

Sep 8th, 2022

Immigration Memo

Equis Key States Series: Abortion Rights Memo

Sep 8th, 2022

Abortion Rights

Equis Key States Series: Gun Safety Memo

Sep 8th, 2022

Gun Safety Memo

Using WhatsApp for Voter Engagement

Aug 12th, 2022

Using WhatsApp for Voter Engagement

Equis Spanish-Language Recommendations and Glossary

Jun 23rd, 2022

This resource document provides more detailed guidance for Spanish-language messaging, as well as some foundational terminology and best practices.


With data from Solidarity Strategies and Priorities USA, we’ve built a tracker at Equis that shows Spanish ad investment on TV, radio, and digital in NV, AZ, and FL.


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