Equis’ Latino Playbook: Main Character Energy

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March 15, 2024
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Organizations traditionally measure success by how well they reach and move groups defined by demography or behavior. But true audiences define themselves by choosing the same cultural spaces, stories, and characters. Building an effective audience strategy requires understanding not just audiences’ demographics, but their cultures: the TV, games, music, film, and more that people regularly engage with.

Equis is working to create a better understanding of Latinos and innovate new approaches to reach and engage them. In this research, Harmony Labs collaborated with Equis to inform the strategy of storytellers, organizers, and creatives by identifying the key characters in media who embody and connect with the many identities of Latinos.

Harmony Labs used a combination of media consumption data and survey responses to construct 5 audiences that are key to building narrative power for Latinos in the United States. You can read the full report here and find some key takeaways summarized at Harmony Labs.

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We work toward a more sophisticated understanding of the experiences, issue preferences, and political identities of Latino and Hispanic voters.

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June 14th, 2023
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Equis’ Latino Playbook: Main Character Energy

March 15, 2024
At Equis we are frequently asked how Latino audiences respond to an increasing variety of media and cultural content — outside of news — and whether the shows people watch or music they listen to might reveal important insights for better capturing Latino attention. Equis Institute, in collaboration with Harmony Labs, has created a segmentation that gives ad makers, creators, and storytellers the power to understand the diverse demography and behaviors of Latinos in the US as well as the characters, values, and stories to which different clusters of Latinos gravitate.

YouTube Testing Experiment: Reaching Latinos on YouTube

January 31, 2024
Equis conducted research in partnership with at Somos Votantes and Priorities USA on effectively reaching and communicating with Latinos on YouTube.

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Equis is a set of organizations working to create a better understanding of Latinos, innovate new approaches to reach and engage them, and invest in the leadership and infrastructure for long-term change and increased engagement.

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